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Pittenweem Pottery formerly produced table ware and non-functional / sculptural items using terracotta, stoneware clays and inspiring glazes. Studio potters often work alone and produce something quite unique in terms of size, shapes and quantities. All pots were hand thrown & hand decorated on site. 

Please note: At present, I am without premises and cannot display existing stock and currently have no outlet. It will take a while to set up a kiln and start producing, although it is exciting. I'd like to thank you for looking at my site and for the enthusiasm of many as they revisted us during the Pittenweem Arts Fest 2013.

I have no regular working times due to a health condition. However, if I get space for sales, this will make things easier for interested parties. So please watch this space. 

Buy a piece of Pittenweem Pottery and it will soon become an old friend of yours as our clients have happily informed us. Surf the site and I’ll tell you more about our history. If you are looking for Fife Pottery, this is one place you'll not want to miss.

Think of us as Pit Pottery! 

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Steve was at the St Andrews Golf OPEN demonstrating throwing techniques of pottery. As we moved into the year, we were doing workshops at Kellie Castle and the Museum of the University of St Andrews  MUSA.

The Pittenweem Arts Festival will soon be upon us. It runs from Aug 5th -13th and we can look forward to guest artist Anna S King, Paul Furneaux & Graham Rich. Amy at Page Pottery will also be exhibiting and is a must see.

Get involved in Ceramics & Pottery!

If you would want to get involved in Ceramics & Pottery and have a large outbuilding(s) / Shed(s) in the East Neuk of Fife, UK, please get in contact. Go to our links page for contact details.

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