Balcaskie Estate

On January 31st we will no longer be trading from Grangemuir on Balcaskie Estate .  This was rather a huge blow for ourselves due to the fact that we had used the outbuildings for the pottery and had also converted one outbuilding into a beautiful quaint little gallery.  However, it seems that Balcaskie Estate now have other uses for the building and we were given a notice to quit within 8 weeks.

This obviously left us with a huge dilemma as to what to do with the pottery.  So for now, we do not have premises but are still keeping our eyes open for the right buildings.  We are still available for workshops and will be delivering a pottery throwing workshop at Kellie Castle during June.  Our website will carry details of any further workshops we will be running and also of any exhibitions.

We will be taking part in a small art and pottery exhibition during the first weekend of the Pittenweem Festival – however, as we have no premises of our own we have hired the Colinsburgh Town Hall.  We will have a preview evening on Friday the 6th August and it will run until Tuesday the 9th August inclusive.  So please come along – we will look forward to welcoming you to our own exhibition – albeit not in Pittenweem – but it will be a good weekend to attend as there will be plenty more exhibitions to visit!!  

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