Renovating the space for the Gallery

The  Art Gallery attaches to a very old farmhouse cottage, formerly used as a place to store wood and park our car. We are told that the carts for horses would have been stored here and pigs next door in the pottery studio. That ties in with the finds as we converted this into a gallery. We found the armatures for the horse and cart with all the fittings to attach it to a horse, up in the rafters.

  There was a lot of work to do in order to make this outhouse building into a fit place to exhibit. In Pittenweem, there are many buildings like this, which have been used for exhibitions, but we wanted this to be more permanent. 

There was pigeon debris everywhere along with several Swift nests which had been abandoned. However, since the renovation, we still hear them about in the spring which is nice.

We were inspired by many exhibitions in Pittenweem where people just used any old space. Well, we certainly had space, but we wanted to make it more secure and inviting. So it was well worth putting the effort in when we saw the final results.

Not only that but we had so many complements about the Gallery, that we knew we had got it just right. However, we were not content with that.

 This year we started to snag different problems with the gallery and our work from last year. Walls had to be cleaned again and re-painted, this time by hand and using an exterior paint which we hope will give a longer lasting result. 

Electrics were fitted by Dave Blundell for the Gallery & Pottery. Dave also gave great assistance along with his wife, son & daughter, to fit a floor, doors and windows. 

Bob Murray made a wonderful shelving unit which is very rustic, but with fine craftsmanship.

For a detailed history of where the pottery craft came from and got to the History Page. 

 Next to the gallery is the pottery studio where the pots are thrown, decorated, glazed and fired in the kiln. For more information on this process, go to the Pottery Process page on the Pittenweem  Pottery site. There is also some useful history on the History page regarding connections.

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