Exhibitors 0f 2010

Please note: We no longer have exhibition space, but as a reminder of the exhibitors and there contact details, I have retained this page. 

Rosalind Crawford - Water Colours, Pastels, Acrylic, Oils & pencil  Web-Site

Heather Murray Pottery & Jewellery

Bob Murray -  Wood furniture, turned bowls

2010 Pittenweem Arts Festival Exhibitors here at the Pittenweem Pottery and Art Gallery

Steve Wright - Potter

Rosalind Crawford - Water Colours, Pastels, Acrylic, Oils & pencil  Web-Site

Patrick Pelly

Lesley Gayer Brooks

Brendan Collins

Allan Davies

Tracy McBride

Marianne Robertson

Angie Bee

Lucy Robertson

Soaps by Susan - a variety of shapes and fragrances, mild, creamy soaps created by hand.

Among the artists who have exhibited here, there are;

Steve Wrightson - Artist in Mosaics

Kate Shearer - mixed media artist, well known in Pittenweem

Simon & Laura Rodriguez - VERY SILVER - Jewellery in all metals, hand made.

Shona Meredew - Photography, cards, keyrings etc

Aileen Clarke - produces Cards, Pictures from fabrics etc

Dave Blundell Leisure Designs - Tiffany, glass panels, (also works as Plumber, carpenter, builder, electrician and a multitude of other skills).

If you wish to contact any of these artists, please contact us and we can pass your email address on to them or us the links on this page.

Contact these artists

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