I'm an Art Student. I started off with a great passion for art and textiles at school.

I took a year to build my skills and portfolio at Leith School of Art after 6th year. This is where my original paintings began. I then went on to do a first year in textile design at Heriot-Watt Scottish Borders campus. In September I will be going in to 2nd year at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Dundee.


These studies of budgerigars were inspired by my love for their texture, colour and shape. I started drawing them at North Berwick aviary in the lodge grounds. After many visits to the aviary, I observed how they interacted with each other and I found that each budgie had its own personality. In these studies I wanted to play with their personalities, group dynamics and relationships with each other. They are very entertaining to watch, I wanted the paintings to echo this. 

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