Patrick Pelly

 I was brought up in Kenya, East Africa and got my first taste of art while studying at Pembroke House and later St. Marys, Nairobi. My "hippy" episode was at Coldhams, Nairobi, before "emigrating" to freezing cold Britain in 1972. My Mother and Aunts are all good artists, so I must inherit talent from that side of the family. 

I recently did two years at Elmwood College, Cupar, Fife and got my HNC in Visual Art. I intend doing a Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts at West Dean College, West Sussex in Sept. 2010

I use a variety of techniques, mediums etc including oils, acrylics, charcoal, pen, clay, paper, board, canvas, screen prints and Collagraph print. 

Contact me via my web.

"Hungry Seals" above 

 "The Band" above and "Aborigines at play" below

 "A Kangaro's Dream" above and "Mirage" below


 "Hunter & Hunted" above and below "Watching the sunset"

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