Studio Pottery is not produced in a factory with many workers producing each stage. We often work alone or in a small group and produce  something quite unique in terms of size, shapes and quantities. Here at Pittenweem Pottery all the stages of manufacture are carried out by Steve Wright. 

 Pittenweem Studio Pottery started August 2008 for the Pittenweem Arts Festival. We opened bang on time after a mad two months of preparation which entailed converting outhouse buildings into a pottery and gallery.

We have always enjoyed the Arts Festival in Pittenweem and this year we decided that we need to be part of it. My history in pottery started some 38 years ago and I must admit that while it has been a pleasure getting my hands back on the clay, it’s not been without a huge learning curve. Every day was full, not a minute spent without either having been spent on building, plumbing, electrics, throwing, or reading up on pottery. Dave Blundell kept me going, providing inspiration, labour and design support for the gallery, along with Alison, Becky & Peter.

The original inspiration came from Maggie who informed me that her plan was to invite artist in and I was going to provide the pottery. This seemed insane and manic.

However, we got there and now we can throw pots to order and make each one unique of you wish a with a motto or name in the  design. My favourite design is the goblet which I have had planned for some time. I’m quite inspired by the range of goblets made by potters and I wanted to make something a little different - and I think that’s just what I have come up with.

Another of my favourites would be the Coffee/Tea mugs. I’m not a fan of the predictable tea cups/mugs that you get for £7 to £25+. I prefer something more organic and homely. So I’m quite pleased at the design and the price that I can turn these out at.

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