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We can trace Steve Wright's background back to something like a 230 year connection to peasant potters. We follow the tradition in producing rustic ware, quite appropriate in Scotland, but are not afraid to develop other styles. Studio pottery has been going on for thousands of years throughout the world and has very strong roots in Britain. We are keeping the tradition alive here in Fife UK. So, if you are interested in Scottish pottery, then please read on.

Potter Steve Wright spent a lot of time in the pottery room during 1970 - 1974. Mr Hibbins was his tutor and he let Steve into the pottery during free time and dinner breaks. This gave him a head start into the world of pottery.

Steve also worked at Fishley Holland's & Sheldon Pottery. Steve Recalls, "Both Fishley Holland’s & Sheldon’s pottery used terracotta clays which is probably the reason why I have always used terracotta amongst while stonewares. They also used slip decoration and I seemed to have fallen into this trend as well. It just seems so natural to me. Terra Sigillata & Scrafitto are two techniques from the past which I also like very much. 

Draggonflies seem to be a favourite here. We have them on cups, mugs, egg cups, butter dishes - you name it, we have it.

Steve uses a combination of decorating techniques including, slip decoration, scrafitto (also known as Sgraffito), resist decor, undergalze decoration and over glaze. 

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Scrafitto has many different approaches to it and I try to utilise as many techniques as I can in this type of work. This way of working with clay goes back to early European, Byzantine earthenware. Slip techniques take you right back to the Oriental and Mediterranean traditions." 

Elaine Brown of Vane Farm (RSPB) let Steve have the use of her kiln and wheel.

In the space of two months prior to  the 2008 Pittenweem Arts Festival we not only converted a space that was  open to the weather, but we also came up with these designs and many more. 

These bowls are based on a scientific study on how weather patterns are formed by the rotation of the earth.

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